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Best Chroma Green Screen Studio Space in Delhi NCR

Our Chroma green screen studio setup, which is pre-lit from the industrial-grade lighting grid on top . giving a background that is seamless and free of corners to making simple.

Our thoughtfully designed, air-conditioned green screen studio can accommodate all of your needs for a photography and video recording studio in Delhi. We provide green screen studio on rent in heart of delhi , open studio space that has been thoughtfully designed to give you room to set up your show, create sets, and hold workshops.

The virtual backgrounds and special effects created by software programs, which are seen in movies and other video applications, necessitate that filming be done against a completely seamless, that is to say

Highlights of our chroma green screen studio rent in Delhi NCR

1.Professional Assistance
Lighting is included in the rental fee at alamelu studios because it’s crucial to creating a functional green screen studio on rent  . Since the chroma green screen studio is already lit, you can begin filming immediately. However, if you require more help, you can hire a lighting consultant to work with you continuously during the production. In order to guarantee that your green screen production is shot flawlessly on the day and without any issues during post-production, this gaffer can rig and set up lights according to your specifications. In addition, a large selection of green screen accessories and tools are either included in studio rentals or are available for lease.

2.Services for Live Video Production
Our chroma green screen studio has a full lighting grid and a range of additional equipment to ensure a high-quality result when working with the green screen backdrop. Additionally, live video production services that can be streamed straight from our facilities are available to our clients.

3.Plenty of resources
Because of our handy Delhi ncr location, we have easy access to all of the local amenities. You can use our green screen studio as an extension of your workspace. We have all the tools you need on hand to let you concentrate on running your company or having fun while making videos.

Facilities at our Green Screen Studio

  •  We can make tea, coffee, and a few small snacks like Maggie and poha in our tiny pantry. It is a gas stove with four burners and a few handy utensils; it is perfect for warming food. We can wash our utensils in the sink, get water, and perform other necessary tasks while cooking.
  • We have a model changing room with a thick black circular curtain surrounding it. This curtain can be used as a beautiful dark backdrop for portraiture or bytes activities.
  • Wi-fi that is broadband and has upload and download speeds greater than 200 mbps.
  •  Wi-fi that is broadband and has upload and download speeds greater than 200 mbps.
  • There is plenty of free parking available on the property, with space for over fifty two-wheelers and over ten four-wheelers.
  • You can use any of our several lighting options for filming, depending on your needs

For any event, Rent Our Green Screen Studio is a one smart stop solution

  • Studio space for Rent / Hire
  • Portfolio
  • Business meeting
  • E-commerce
  • Catalog
  • Product Shoot
  • Model Coordination
  • Camera Rental
  • chefs shows
  • Editing
  • Maternity Shoot
  • talk show

Discover countless opportunities in our chroma green screen studio, which has been thoughtfully designed with basic lighting and acoustic treatment to smoothly key your background. As you realize your idea in front of a flawless backdrop, immerse yourself in a world of creative freedom. For your projects, our studio provides the ideal balance of aesthetics and functionality, guaranteeing top-notch lighting and audio quality. This adaptable space is perfect for any kind of creative endeavor, be it filming a movie, commercial, or promotional material. In our well-equipped chroma green screen studio, where every element is intended to improve your storytelling experience, you can easily elevate your productions.

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