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Photo Studio Space on Rent in delhi NCR For your Next Video Shoot

Looking for the perfect photo studio space on rent in Delhi NCR for your next video shoot? Look no further! Our state-of-the-art studio is designed to meet all your filming needs, providing a professional environment to bring your creative vision to life. Located in the heart of Delhi NCR, our  photo studio offers ample space equipped with top-of-the-line lighting, sound, and video equipment, ensuring high-quality production values for your project.  

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Photography Studio Space

We can assist you if you’re searching for a photo studio space on rent in Delhi NCR or if you have an idea but are unable to put it on paper. Our cutting-edge facilities can make your concept a reality. In addition to our top-of-the-line DSLR cameras and lighting gear, we also provide background and makeup equipment so you can get the exact shot you want. Hubs for editing and post-processing are also accessible for adding effects and making minor changes.

The alamelustudios of Photography rents out a fully furnished studio for photo shoots. From fully functional sets and backgrounds to post-production software tools, we have everything you need. To satisfy the demands of our clients, we’re constantly searching for better equipment.

Fully Equipped Professional photo Studio space

It’s no longer necessary for you to run from one place to another. A complete professional photography Photo Studio on Rent In Delhi NCR is what we have for you at just one place. The It’s the perfect combination of all the elements, making it the perfect location for photos. Please stop by, and we hope you have a great time.

1.Fully Air-conditioned studio

2.Free Parking

3.Stunning Sunset view from balcony

Studio Features :

Experience the Difference at our Photography Studio space in Delhi NCR

For all of your creative endeavors, we offer a spacious, air-conditioned, fully furnished photography studio in Delhi that is available for rent. Our excellent service and painstaking attention to detail set us apart from our competitors. In this regard, you are free to express yourself.

A qualified photographer from our team is always on hand to address any queries you may have for any of your picture or video sessions. Our photo studio is committed to providing you with the best technical service possible for all of your needs. Sessions are arranged at your convenience.

With our exquisite lighting setup, gorgeous backdrops, top-notch camera lenses, and more, you can bring your images to life.

Timings : ​

The Photo Studio space for Rent in Delhi service is available for hire with flexible hours every day from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Dimensions: 70 ft (length) x 18 ft (width) x 11 ft (height)

View : Stunning Sunset view from balcony , ⁠Abundant greenery front view

Music: Bluetooth speaker,

Internet: WiFi complimentary,

Parking: free parking space,

Air-conditioning: Fully air-conditioned studio, Heater available in winters

Others: Make-Up Space, Changing Room, Couch, Acrylic Sheets, ⁠Abundant greenery front view ,Balcony for Outdoor Shots , ⁠Attached to 4 lane bye pass road

​Why Choose our photo studio! – The facilities available

A key factor in drawing customers is location and amenities. One must spend a lot of time in and around the office area because shoots take hours.

1.Easy access to parking-  As with most of the photography studio space in Delhi, finding a parking space is quite difficult. You might get upset if you rush to find a parking spot right before the shoot. However, it’s simple to locate a place to park your car in our neighborhood in one go. Therefore, parking is always convenient.

2.The work environment: Clients who attend a shoot are engaged in multiple tasks rather than just one. Clients must arrange for the smooth operation of their regular office routine as well as other work-related obligations. We adhere to standard workplace morals. Therefore, when it comes to working, complete privacy is ensured. Shoot studios are frequently tumultuous because numerous activities take place in one location.

3.Wi-Fi and other office facilities – The top main facilities, a client looks for is high-speed Wi-Fi and access to printouts. For efficient work and interpersonal connections, wi-fi is essential. Printouts are also essential because they keep information accessible


Photography Styles We Cater To:

  • 📸 Portrait Photography
  • 🏞️ Landscape Photography
  • 🛍️ Product Photography
  • 👰 Wedding Photography
  • 🤰 Maternity Photography
  • 🎓 Graduation Photography
  • 🎉 Event Photography

Additional Amenities:

Balcony for Outdoor Shots | Makeup Room | WiFi | Professional Lighting Equipment | Professional Lighting Equipment

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